3 Reasons to Consider Invisalign

There is no better place to be treated with Invisalign® than at Rittenhouse Orthodontics. Dr. Tuncay is one of the original minds behind the Invisalign system and has been involved with it since its creation. Dr. Tuncay even wrote the book, The Invisalign System, the first textbook in the world about Invisalign. If you are considering Invisalign, Rittenhouse Orthodontics is the place to get it.

You aren’t a fan of traditional braces
By receiving traditional braces placed on your teeth, you are inviting awkward visibility. Even with the option to customize the color of braces they still don’t look great. That’s exactly why you should consider Invisalign®. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, they’re easy to clean, and perfectly fitted to provide the most comfortable experience. If you wish to show a customized and confident esthetic alignment of your teeth without all the clutter of traditional braces, Invisalign might be the right option for you.

Overall health
A good smile says a lot more than you think about your brand, it is much more than clean straight teeth – it says a lot about your health, too. Your smile is the first thing others notice, maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to your wellbeing. Invisalign clear aligners make daily cleaning much easier in comparison to traditional braces. Invisalign alleviates issues from an improper bite, jaw problems, worn down tooth enamel, and much more. Having good oral hygiene is imperative, as oral infections can lead to more serious ailments such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes according to the American Dental Association. Invisalign® is a quick and comfortable way to get the perfect beauty you deserve; not only for a confident smile but a healthy one too. 

Convenience and simplicity
With Invisalign®, you get what you see. It is a simple design that fits into your daily life. While it’s extremely important to wear for the recommended 22 hours a day, Invisalign can easily be removed during meals and while brushing your teeth giving you the ability to enjoy all parts of your day as you should.   


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