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Accelerated Orthodontics

Get To Your New Smile Even Faster

While all of our treatment options are faster than traditional orthodontics, we’re now offering two incredible technologies to speed up your treatment – because our priority isn’t to get you INTO braces or Invisalign, we want to get you OUT of braces or Invisalign with the best result – in the least amount of time.   

Top orthodontists know that creating a beautiful smile begins by visualizing the end result before treatment begins. For decades, this meant imagining the outcome and then treating every patient toward that same outcome. But what if your doctor could not only see the end result but also see the shortest path to get you there? Dr. Tuncay can! With SureSmile…we are able to determine your treatment plan in advance, but that’s not all – we’re also able to see every step in the process and that means the average time from start to finish is up to 9 months faster than with traditional approaches.

The process begins with a hi-tech scanner that captures a digital picture of your teeth. Then, powerful computer software is used to create a 3-D model of your desired tooth position, creating a blueprint of your new smile. During the archwire customization process, the shape-memory alloy wire is heated to over a thousand degrees, permanently embedding your individual prescription.

Once your unique treatment is planned, a robot creates the wires that are the secret to SureSmiles incredibly fast, comfortable treatment. These wires are activated by the natural heat of your body and they move your teeth in the most efficient way – so you get the best results in the fastest time. But the ultimate test of any technological advancement is the positive impact it has on the lives of those it touches. Ask us for more information about the SureSmile Digital Orthodontic System today.




They are the most advanced technology available – the world’s first, fully customized 3D printed brackets.
• Customized and 3D Printed for you
• Maximum comfort and minimally invasive
• Limited chair time and appointments
• Brackets fit the unique contours of each of your teeth