First Visit

Rittenhouse Orthodontics Provides “Safety of Bespoke” Care

On your first visit you will undergo a clinical examination where we first explore your needs, concerns, expectations, and then advise how we may be able to help you. We will express our opinion if treatment is necessary, and discuss the best customized choices for your investment. We will also review the financial matters with you. Please continue to Easy Financing for more information.

If you choose to proceed, we will take records. Typically, orthodontic records are a thorough clinical examination, followed by digital scans of your teeth, photographs of your face, your smile and teeth, as well as, digital radiographs of your teeth and head, as indicated. These diagnostic records will aid us to plan your customized treatment.

Dr. Tuncay will custom-design your treatment plan and its mechanics with the benefit of 3D images on the computer. Appliances for the bespoke treatment will be fabricated robotically.

After Orthodontics

Upon completion of treatment you will be placed in retention. Teeth that are moved orthodontically have a strong tendency to go back to where they came from. It is imperative they are retained in their corrected positions. Accordingly, retainers must be worn as instructed. Failure to do so might necessitate (costly) re-treatment. One-year retention follow-up is included in the fee. Subsequent visits will be charged by the procedure.

You should know humans are made such that shifting of positions and crowding of teeth is part of the aging process. No one can escape from these age-related changes except patients who wear their retainers faithfully. Those individuals defy the aging process.