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Innovative Technology

At Rittenhouse Orthodontics, Dr. Tuncay utilizes the latest in orthodontic technology. Cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and equipment help us determine orthodontic issues with expedience and accelerate your treatment.


This treatment makes straightening your teeth with braces a lot faster and easier compared to conventional orthodontic treatment.


This program uses 3D printing technology to create custom-fitted braces for patients in order to achieve the goals of their treatment plan.

Invisalign Aligners

Have you ever wished for a straighter, healthier smile, but not looked forward to all the metal wires and bands that often go along with braces? Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing with Invisalign!

iTero Digital Impressions

An accurate impression is essential for effective treatment planning and care. The accuracy and detail of the iTero scan is phenomial. No more unpleasant putty impressions!


BRIUS is unlike other lingual braces systems. The advancements in this technology allow for shortened treatment times, fewer office visits, and less discomfort!

Grin Monitoring

We know our patients’ time is valuable. That’s why we offer time-saving amenities. Using Grin allows you to spend less time in our office, and more time enjoying life!