Lingual Braces

Braces That Hide Behind Your Teeth

When you want invisible treatment, clear aligners aren’t your only option. One of the more advanced approaches still using brackets and wires, is called Lingual Orthodontics. With this type of orthodontics, the brackets and wires hide on the back of your teeth so no one can see them. Whether you’re in the public eye, or just not interested in having to remember to wear your aligners, or take them out to eat and drink, lingual orthodontics is a great option for you. At Rittenhouse Orthodontics, we offer the following lingual options:

INBRACE combines the effectiveness of conventional braces with the aesthetics of traditional lingual braces and the comfort of aligners. Customized pre-formed “smart-wires” are made to fit the smile of each patient – guaranteeing highly individualized and faster orthodontic treatment with less discomfort.

• Truly invisible
• Shorter treatment time
• Less discomfort


BRIUS® is a revolutionary method that can be used instead of braces or aligners to move the teeth independently while shortening treatment time.
• Placed behind the teeth – cannot be seen
• Considerably shortens treatment time
• Most comfortable behind-the-teeth braces
• Easier cleaning In most cases, only one BRIUS® will be needed for the
   entire treatment. This means there is no need for adjustments!

Incognito (iBraces)

You don’t need to wait until the braces come off to smile with confidence! Incognito Hidden Braces work behind the scenes – literally – so no one can see you’re wearing them.

• 100% customized to you
• Maximum comfort and minimally invasive
• Low risk for white spots staining your front teeth