Meet the Team

Clinicians and administrators of Rittenhouse Orthodontics are the reason why stars of television, stage, and Hollywood movies choose Rittenhouse Orthodontics. 


Priscilla grew up in the Dominican Republic, born in the United States. She holds a Dental Degree from the Ibero-American University, Dominican Republic. After graduation, she worked as a dentist for several years before moving back to America. In her earlier career in orthodontics, Priscilla worked in Pittsburgh, PA before moving to Philadelphia. She holds impressive skills as an orthodontic specialist at Rittenhouse Orthodontics. Combined with her personality, she is driven to deliver perfection while her calm nature puts everyone in deep comfort.


Doree is originally from Annapolis, MD. Initially, with her degree in Expanded Function Dental Assisting, she concentrated on oral and maxillofacial surgery at the VA Medical Center. Later, she raised a family while working in orthodontics as clinical specialist and treatment coordinator. In her spare time, she created a drama club for the prestigious Tome School. Moreover, she was active with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America and a volunteer fundraiser. Doree is an accomplished performing artist, vocalist and recording artist and has taught music K-8 for over 20 years for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington DE. She also held a position on the Board of Enrollment at the Immaculate Conception Church in Elkton, MD. She now finds herself full circle returning to her beloved city of Philadelphia with arts, culture, entertainment, and to enjoy family.


Katarina is a recent resident of Philadelphia. She was born in Bosnia but raised in Germany. She holds a BS in Sociology with a minor in child development from Ashford University. Katarina combines her substantive orthodontic experience with a passion for the specialty.

She takes much pride in making sure that all patients feel safe, cared for and are well informed of their treatment at each visit. As an orthodontic specialist and family member, Katarina is committed to the culture of Rittenhouse Orthodontics. Her pleasure is to treat her patients correctly, and to accompany them through the entire experience.


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