Orthodontic Braces

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Welcome to Rittenhouse Orthodontics, Philly’s premier orthodontic specialist for adults seeking to achieve a perfect smile. Our approach is simple – we pamper our patients with zen and luxury, and believe treatment should be convenient, fast, and fit your life. Our dynamic, friendly, and experienced team is world-renowned and our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We help adults find confidence through their smiles and treatment.

Braces For Adult Treatments

Today’s orthodontics offer more kinds of braces than ever before. More often than not, we think of the clunky metal braces we saw as teenagers as the only orthodontic option for an even smile. However, orthodontic braces have come a long way and better treatments are available for your consideration.

Metal Braces

Pro: Cheap, Standard, Can come in multiple colors
Con: Intrusive, Visible, Numerous Visits, Uncomfortable, Slow

Clear Braces

Pro: Less visible brackets due to ceramic
Con: Still Visible, Similar to Metal Braces, Uncomfortable, Slow


Pro: Easier to clean, Treatment can be faster than metal braces
Con: Look like regular metal braces, Intrusive, Uncomfortable

Get your adult orthodontics treatment at Rittenhouse Orthodontics

Quality craftsmanship matters. With newer, and more advanced, treatments out there you may want to consider options that are less intrusive to your daily lifestyle. You are an adult seeking to better your smile, not disrupt your life, comfort, and personal style for the most basic of treatments.

Trust your smile, comfort, and superior results to the following faster and more discrete treatment options:


BRIUS® is a revolutionary method that can be used instead of braces or aligners that moves the teeth independently and considerably shortens treatment time. Pros:
  • Placed behind the teeth – cannot be seen
  • Considerably shortens treatment time
  • Most comfortable behind-the-teeth braces
  • Easier cleaning
In most cases, only one BRIUS® will be needed for the entire treatment. This means that there is no need for adjustments!


You don’t need to wait until the braces come off to smile with confidence! Incognito Hidden Braces work behind the scenes – literally – so no one can see you’re wearing them. Pros:
  • 100% customized to you
  • Maximum comfort and minimally invasive
  • Low risk for white spots staining your front teeth


They are the most advanced technology available – the world’s first, fully customized 3D printed brackets. Pros:
  • Customized and 3D Printed for you
  • Maximum comfort and minimally invasive
  • Limited chair time and appointments
  • Optimized bracket fit

The Orthodontist That Even Celebs Trust

Dr. Tuncay is the expert orthodontist celebrities trust with their discrete treatments and signature smiles. He is part of the original minds behind the Invisalign system and has over 30 years of experience successfully implementing the forefront of orthodontic treatments.

The Best Treatment Provider You Will Find

At Rittenhouse Orthodontics we offer high-tech care for clients seeking adult orthodontics and braces. Our care and unmatched patient service are the reason why stars of television, stage, and Hollywood movies choose Rittenhouse Orthodontics. In your search for the best results, we spare no expense nor compromise in attaining the quality results you seek with little to no change to your lifestyle and aesthetic.