Why Choose Bespoke Treatment

Rittenhouse Orthodontics was founded to deliver the cutting-edge, most technically advanced digital and robotic orthodontic treatment to adults and children.

Dr. Tuncay is a world-renown expert on orthodontics and braces. He has written a well respected book on Invisalign® and his inventions were incorporated into the design of aligner trays to benefit patients around the world. He is an authority in the orthodontic field teaching other orthodontists how to improve their Invisalign treatment; both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Tuncay has been instrumental in the development of Invisalign-Teen® treatment. In fact, the clinical trials of Invisalign-Teen for development and efficacy were conducted by Rittenhouse Orthodontics. Although we are involved in the development of Invisalign, our novel inventions and ways to expedite treatment are the bespoke touches we incorporate into our treatment protocol. These exclusive bespoke elements are reserved only for the patients of Rittenhouse Orthodontics.

Many of our patients travel from as far away as California, Southern and Northern States, South America, Europe, and even Japan, to be seen by Dr. Tuncay.

Robotic technology of BRIUS,  SureSmile®  and Invisalign® are the standard treatment modalities at Rittenhouse Orthodontics.

At times, a patient may choose to be treated by conventional braces over BRIUS or Invisalign. For Philadelphia braces patients, we incorporate the robotic technology of SureSmile® system in their treatment. SureSmile is the latest and most advanced hi-tech tool in orthodontics today. Teeth are first scanned to create 3D images. Then Dr. Tuncay moves the teeth, in virtual images, into perfect positions for good function, health, and esthetics. Following the virtual treatment, these images are sent to robots to bend the wires. Appliances fabricated with such robotic precision yield not only superb bespoke results, but also reduce the total treatment time by one-third.

Another aesthetic alternative are braces behind the teeth. For patients in Philadelphia seeking this type of braces, we employ the latest in technology called Incognito®. In this system both the braces and wires are custom fabricated by computer imaging technology not too dissimilar to Invisalign or Sure Smile.

The “New Era” of orthodontic treatment has arrived with BRIUS. A robotically fabricated behind-the-teeth appliance, the BRIUS treatment modality is faster than Incognito, SureSmile, or Invisalign.

Your orthodontic treatment may be accelerated by the use of novel devices such as AcceleDent®Propel®, or Orthopulse®.

Upon completion of treatment you will be placed in retention. Teeth that are moved orthodontically have a strong tendency to go back to where they came from. It is imperative they are retained in their corrected positions. Accordingly, retainers must be worn as instructed. Failure to do so might necessitate (costly) re-treatment. One-year retention follow-up is included in the fee. Subsequent visits will be charged by the procedure.

You should know humans are made such that shifting of positions and crowding of teeth is part of the aging process. No one can escape from these age-related changes except patients who wear their retainers faithfully. Those individuals defy the aging process.