Traditional Braces

When Classic Is What You Want

Welcome to Rittenhouse Orthodontics, Philly’s premier orthodontic specialist for adults seeking to achieve a perfect smile. We believe treatment should be convenient, fast, and fit your life. For some, that means the worry-free, leave-all-the-work-to-us, convenience of braces. We have the latest technologies available and they are all designed to get you to your new smile quickly and comfortably.

Types of Braces

Options for Every Personality

Traditional metal braces are the classic standard when it comes to braces. They are available in multiple colors to enhance the experience. Today’s options are smaller and more comfortable, and we no longer rely on bands that go around the teeth.

Clear brackets are designed to match the color of your teeth so they are quite discrete but don’t completely disappear against your teeth. In very rare instances, we like to combine Invisalign® treatment with clear braces for a brief time during treatment. If you’d like to know more, be sure to ask us about this option.

Self-ligating braces are easier to clean and treatment can be faster than traditional metal braces. This option also uses lower forces yet still moves the teeth efficiently. The brackets are small and that makes them more comfortable and easier to keep clean.